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​Contact us to get an offer with rich color options, different product thicknesses and quality production for PVC and aluminum panels!



SINCE 2004

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Flat Panel

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PVC Thermo

Door Panel

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Door Panel

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PVC Sheet Production

About Panadur

"We produce PVC & Aluminum door panel, flat sandwich panel and PVC sheet."

As Panadur, we have been producing decorative PVC-ALU door panels, PVC-ALU sandwich panels and PVC sheets since 2004. It is the leading name in its sector with its quality production and the best service from Istanbul to all over the world.

The decorative door panels we produce are generally used in entrance doors and many different types of doors. PVC sandwich panels are an alternative to paneling on doors and are used in joinery, medical areas, cold storages, partition walls, prefabricated structures, etc. It can be used easily in places.

It is flexible, long-lasting against UV rays, economical and lightweight, and easy to clean and assemble.

sandwih panel exporter

25 Years of Experience, Export to 70+ Countries

Panadur continues to grow and direct its sector from yesterday to today.

It has a worldwide reputation with its exports to more than 70 countries.

sandwich panel, pvc sheet manufacturer turkey, sandwich panel manufacturer, green energy lead free
sandwich panel, pvc sheet manufacturer turkey, sandwich panel manufacturer, green energy


Fast Delivery


Lead Free

Green Energy

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