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PVC & ALU Flat Sandwich Panels

They are XPS filled pressed panels that can be combined with PVC, aluminum or alucobond sheet.

Sandwich panels, which have a wide usage area, provide advantages such as thermal insulation, lightness, flexibility and impact resistance, decorative appearance and fast processability.

​The sandwich panels we produce using advanced technologies provide integrity against heat and moisture with the insulation material covered with two PVC sheets and are offered with different types of filling materials and sheet combinations according to their insulation degrees.

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PVC Flat Sandwich Panel

PVC sandwich panel is the system that protects structures from external factors and offers the most practical and economical solution for a strong stance.

Sandwich panels are an alternative to paneling on doors and are used as modern, light and durable structural elements instead of joinery, to cover the roofs and facades of buildings, to obtain insulated interior partitions or cold storages.

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Aluminium Flat Sandwich Panel

Aluminum panels, which provide much better strength than PVC sandwich panels, are frequently preferred with their rich RAL code color options.

You can make your profiles stronger with different sheet thicknesses and production dimensions.

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Sandwich Panel Types

We offer different types of sheets and filling materials.

We can produce different types of panels upon request.

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Sandwich Panel Dimensions

Apart from standard dimensions, production can also be done in desired thickness and dimensions.


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